11 Best Apps to Boost Productivity and Get Things

Between the office and life, it’s hard to stay on top of it all. Your inbox is overflowing and you.

Between the office and life, it’s hard to stay on top of it all. Your inbox is overflowing and you still have projects to approve and after-work meetings. To be more productive, some experts suggest breaking up your to-do list into smaller tasks for better time management. This is when technology comes in handy. With the help of a few apps, you can jumpstart your productivity and get things done faster with just a few clicks.Apps

Whether you thrive in the busyness or not, having the right tools can boost your productivity and help you meet all of those deadlines. Ready to cross items off your list? Here are the 11 best apps for productivity.

1. Trello

If you’re a highly visual person, Trello is a good tool to add to your daily workflow. The app helps you manage collaborative projects and get a high view of their status.

Each board contains cards (smaller tasks) that can be arranged under different columns. You can assign a task to a co-worker or roommate, add a deadline and keep track of the progress. Every time you complete a task, you can archive it or move it to your completed column.

2. Calendly

Have you ever been stuck on an endless email thread with a co-worker, trying to find a good time for both of you? Calendly solves that problem by providing you with a personal link where other parties can choose a good meeting time based on your availability. Just add it to your email signature.

It also provides great integrations for calendars. All you need is your email and your availability to sign up.

3. Feedly

Keeping up with the news is a full-time job on its own. There’s so much happening, but you can’t stop working to stay on top of it. You can add your favorite publications and blogs on Feedly to keep up with trends for work without having to check every site or get distracted on social media.

The app aggregates them on an easy to read feed so you don’t miss a beat. You can organize your publications by category and jump right in when you have the time.

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4. Slack

When an app’s tagline is “be less busy,” it belongs in your productivity toolbox. Communication app Slack has changed the way employees communicate in the workplace.

You can have a private conversation with your colleague or discuss a project with just your team in one of the channels. It helps boost productivity at work by making your inbox less busy, keeping conversations organized by topics and making collaborations a breeze. It’s free to download with paid tiers for larger teams.

5. Evernote

The self-proclaimed best note-taking app in the industry, Evernote is a great way to keep up with checklists, outlines and, of course, notes. You can build task lists like things to do before your next conference or upcoming phases of your home renovation.

You can also add photos, links, videos and more to each one of the notes and share with others. Plus, the ability to sync with all devices means that you have everything always with you.

6. Pocket

As you scroll down social media, you see article after article that you want to read but have no time to. You open a series of tabs and all of a sudden your browser crashes — all the tabs are gone. Pocket solves that by bookmarking all those articles for you to read later all in one place.

Grab the link and save it to your Pocket for when you have a break from the hustle. It’s also a great way to save articles for your team or for a friend and share them later.

7. ToDoist

The ultimate to-do list app ToDoist helps you write down everything on your list and then automatically categorizes them. It also adds reminder when you mention the time of a meeting under a task and if you use a particular hashtag (like #meetings), it will add it to your meetings to-do section.

Don’t miss the email integrations where you can add tasks via email and others. It will help you clear out your inbox a lot faster.

8. Strict Workflow

Strict Workflow is based on the time management method Pomodoro, a technique developed during the 1980s. This productivity booster app blocks distracting websites (think social media sites and other blogs) for 25 minutes and then after the time is up, you get a five-minute break where you can browse.

You can download the extension through Google Chrome.

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9. Toggl

Toggl is especially useful for freelancers and those involved in client work as it helps accurately track time and break down how much your time is really worth. The reporting will allow you to see where and on what you should allocate your time.

The app also sends you reminders to turn it on throughout the day so you never skip the time tracking while on a project.

10. Hootsuite

If you’re in charge of multiple social media accounts across different networks, Hootsuite will help you cut down on time. In the era of analytics and influencers, you need all the help you can get. You can schedule posts, quickly answer replies and help grow your community engagement, all from one screen.

If you’re leading a big team, you can also assign messages and tasks to other members of the team to complete.

11. Temi

Transcribing is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the workplace. After you record your meeting notes, send your audio to Temi, a speech-to-text service that uses machine learning to transcribe.

For only 10 cents a minute, you get a mostly accurate transcript (it depends on the audio quality) that you can quickly scan and extract information. The app also allows you to record the audio and then transcribe it.