How to make a successful Messaging app in 2020

The messaging world was a far cry from the time message reactions were announced, but expressing the way one feels.

The messaging world was a far cry from the time message reactions were announced, but expressing the way one feels has never been more critical. Imagine you are standing next to a friend who cracked a joke, you can laugh. You don’t need to pause and say “I found it very funny” or quote your own words back to them before showing a real-world emoji on your face. Same but different is for the effectiveness of the firm.

The potency of a firm business process relies on employee engagement and workplace communication, especially in the Work From Home mode. For some specific niches, interactions with clientele are imperatives to your business unscaled success. Now or at some later stage, companies understand the need for an efficient tool for leveraging communication within the organization.


The universal quick fix is creating real-time chat features to let users get hands on the piece of information instantly. Besides, partnering with an experienced app development company, you can also integrate the functionality into an already published app or develop a standalone app for workplace communication like Slack.

If you are at the verge of creating an instant messaging app and skyrocket your business processes, we at Xicom have a plethora of valuable insights waiting for you. But, before delving into unfurling the deepest secrets of how to make a successful messaging app, it’s crucial to ask the right questions to be confident that the solution provided for your business is right.

  • Is it a good idea to create a messaging app?
  • How does the messaging app work?
  • How to create a messaging app?

Let’s roll up the sleeves and get down to the business of developing another stupendous messaging app. The Right Market Trajectory To Create A Messaging App – “A Good Idea”

Before you funnel down the list of creating a successful messaging app, you should first understand the deep insights of the people using them, why, how much time to spend there, and find the real competitors. All this data will lend a hand in making an informed decision in the coming years.

According to Facebook, the art of communication are messages that matters. Presently, messaging is a part of everybody life for 80 per cent of millenials aged between 16-24 years and 91 per cent of GenZ aged between 13-18 years. The core reasons for people opting messaging apps, reveals the below listed points what allure them:

  • Convenience
  • Offer record of the complete chat
  • No hold times
  • Easy to use in working hours
  • Easy at multitasking

According to Statista, the number of mobile phones messaging app users worldwide from 2018 to 2022. The figure is projected to grow to three billion users in 2022. Undeniably, all the above stats show the exponential drift in the market for messaging app. Thus it is a good idea to hire app developer and create your own app in minimal time with maximum proficiency.

Regardless of the existing messaging apps equipped with enormous useful features and extensions, they can cost you a whopping balance too. For example, Slack cost $8 a month per active user. Besides, the charges, the security protocols are another irreplaceable concern for the people, especially for the one dwelling from the finance sector. This raises the need to build a custom message app or integrate chat functionality into the current apps.

In the scenarios of developing a standalone messaging app and numerous other projects with built-in chat functionality, our experts have discovered the real magic behind a messaging app. This comprehensive guides walk you through the aisle covering three vital aspects:

  • The Imperative Functionality – Discover the crucial features set for any messaging app.
  • What is under the hood? Having a deep understanding of the technical aspects of the messaging app development.
  • The Final Revision – The features to make your app one of itself.

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These are one of the prominent features that hold the potential to turn your app into a silver bullet.


Although the content and context of messages may vary, all text messaging app gratifies small tits and bits of information from one user to another. Therefore, this is the core feature of any messaging app and attention should be paid to every detail.


With the security breaches rising to alarming digits, integrating chats that go wane after a certain period of time is the need of the hour.

So, it makes more than essential to partner with a mobile app development company that offers an unparalleled level of privacy.


This feature shows whether the participant has received and seen a message.


The latest update message app allow users to send messages within a set timeframe after the message shows unsend.


Include group chat functionality, especially when creating a messaging app for groups and communities. It can be used from professional front to medical backgrounds to discuss an essential concern with a specific number of people at an instant.


Integrating group chat functionality also requires adding moderation functionality. It allows admin to remove or add users, delete some specific messages, and make other users admin too. For instance, Telegram also has the same feature that allows admins to confine the number of messages from one user for a specific timeline.

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In some scenarios, user’s don’t have time to types long messages. They prefer to go live and have a word rather than typing and typing.

So, for added convenience, allow your users to send video and audio messages. The more channels of communication and interactiveness you offer to your user, the more convenient your app will be for your target audience.

So, let users communicate through free audio and video calls. Don’t forget to imbibe this excellent feature in group call functionality, and I know it takes a great effort to implement. Still, with the right app development in India and across the globe, it’s worth the efforts.


The two significant reasons to include social platforms within your messaging app development are as follows:

  • Easy Registration: While registering with social platform, a user can choose their message profile with a social network profile also. This cuts drastically on time-saving on typing the information.
  • File-Sharing: This feature lets users share file and documents through social media accounts. In return, some messengers offer customized buttons on the specific website that let users share from the website directly in the messenger app.


The lines of codes are the real ice breaker. What language should you pick for server-side implementation? As it’s rightly said, your back should be reliable, scalable and brace millions of connections per node. So, being constant since the inception is crucial. Erlang and Golang have proved themselves as reliable and efficient solutions for messaging app development. So, here goes the comparison between the two options.

Erlang – The most popular messenger app “WhatsApp” globally, is developed using Erlang.

But you might be thinking why Erlang?

Simple, because it was written in the early 1990s specifically for telecommunication equipment and supported design with its concurrency. It’s functional, dynamically typed, and performs garbage collection during a rundown. Leading mobile app development company choose erlang as the lines of code for messaging back-end development. But, there is one concern – “Erlang is not a popular choice” and finding the right experienced talent is like finding a needle in the haystack.